Personal Effects/Projects

Valuable Artwork Handling

Projects & Charters

Specialized cargo, such as high-value goods (e.g. valuable artwork or luxury items) need extra attention during the transportation process. Or, you could be an individual seeking help to relocate your personal effects to another country, or into Singapore. Whatever your transport needs are, we are here to help you.

Unloading cargo to warehouse using our in-house forklifts


In Singapore, we have invested in land transportation, cargo handling equipment and on our warehouses to facilitate inland distribution services throughout Singapore. Our in-house trucking (box trucks and open trucks), forklifts and despatch vans operate 24/7 to facilitate the movement of your cargo within Singapore.

International Courier Service

A courier service is the door-to-door collection, delivery, despatch service for time-sensitive, high-valued documents or package that can be picked up right off your doorstep and sent to wherever you need the document or package to be, or despatched to various locations in the same or different countries. Depending on your desired destination, you can choose to have your documents or packages expedited (same day or next day service).

Secured facilities & itemized airfreight in our warehouses awaiting despatch instruction;


Our combined ~10,000 sq ft of warehousing space for air and sea freight in Singapore is well-secured with 24 hours CCTV monitoring and security patrols. The racking system within our warehouses helps us to efficiently locate and despatch cargo for fast turnarounds. If you are looking for some warehousing space within Singapore, we offer short-term storage solutions for our customers. Click here to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives who can advise you further.