Trade Fairs/Exhibitions

Valuable Artwork Handling

Just in time schedules and multiple venue stops are common logistics problems facing trade fair organizers, show promoters and exhibitors. Planet Logistics Pte Ltd - understands these challenges.

Planet logistics moved Miss Saigon’s set the props and costumes in fifteen 40-ft containers from different parts of the world to Singapore since 2002 - our proven track record for solving time sensitive challenges. We deploy dedicated resources to each event, along with experienced handlers to provide specialized handling and transportation capabilities through customs declaration and temporary import be it for exhibition or trade fairs  – we handle all in one services and offer our customers a peace of mind one-stop door to door solution.

Our directors are onsite at all our customers’ major events. We coordinate every aspect of shipments, including delivery from countries of origin to exhibition sites, handling exhibition goods on-site, and returning shipments to their originating locations upon exhibition and trade fair closings.